At Thorn Hill Maple Farms we are dedicated to providing the best all natural healthy sugars to the public. This is a life long dedication that stemmed from a personal trying time that left me in a near death experience spending two days in an intensive care unit.

It began when I was working in a highly technical field. I was responsible for the safety of hundreds of people involved in a highly complicated and dangerous evolution. The project was not going well. I was under stress because I had to call an ambulance to facilitate care for several people. To keep up my energy up I was consuming a lot of soda and eating a lot of processed sugary snacks. As the project progressed I was becoming weaker and weaker. This continued to the point where I could barely move.

After some consternation, I finally went to the doctor and he asked me, “has anyone checked your sugar?” I looked at him dumbfounded. “ I’ll take that as a no!” he said. My blood sugar was well over 800 pushing 900, but I had no idea what that meant. “We are sending you to the Emergency Room immediately, the physician said. “Your sugar levels are so high you could go into a coma at any moment and you could even die!”

I found myself in an intensive care unit for two straight days in the constant attention of a nurse or nurses. It took them that long to get my sugar down due to insulin resistance.

In the hospital intensive care unit I had my moment with God and nature. I came to grips with my mortality and determined I would change my lifestyle.

Upon my release from the hospital I began to study and found some sobering but interesting facts about the American food system. Our society is bombarded with cheap unhealthy processed foods that are loaded with unhealthy processed sugars.

Why is this bad? Upon further research I found out in order to increase productivity and reduce crop loss, corn is loaded with systemic pesticides. In the past, to control pests, farmers would spray crops with insecticides. Bugs would come and eat the corn and die. But when rains came they would wash away the chemicals which could leave the crops unprotected. To combat this Ag began to coat the seeds with insecticides and feed the roots. This resulted in the insecticides and pesticides becoming one with the plant and becoming ingrained with the corn. There was enough of the poison to kill the pests but not enough to harm animals or humans. The result is, we are consuming low levels of poisons which are part and parcel of the highly processed food chain.

Corn syrup is not the only culprit. A lot of white processed sugar comes from sugar beets. Sugar beets have their own weakness; they don’t compete well with weeds. Large sugar beet farmers spray herbicides to kill the weeds which compete for sunlight and nutrients. Some sugar beets were under developed from the treatment so big Agra genetically modified the sugar beets to be able to absorb large amount of herbicides. Again, the herbicides become part of the plant and we consume chemicals designed to kill other living things. Yikes!

It gets worse, cane sugar has its dark secrets too. Its inherent weakness is it is susceptible to rusts, molds, and fungus. So they too have be genetically modified and are sprayed with fungicides, pesticides, and other ides designed to kill things.

This brings me back to my ‘hospital intensive care experience’. What part of our bodies are responsible for removing all those chemicals, toxins, and poisons that have purposely been put there, from our bodies? Our liver and pancreas, the same organs that help process sugar in our bodies. There is an epidemic of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease in our communities. After I laid in that hospital bed and after I did my research, I made a commitment to help humanity and produce healthier all natural sugars.

I cut out soda, corn syrup and most processed foods with sugar. I lost 90 lbs in a year. Thats right 90 lbs. Here is my picture with my mom with my weight before my near death experience:

Here is me after:

So what are those natural sugars?

Maple syrup: Intrinsically natural, it comes from the sap of a maple tree which is concentrated to 66 to 69% sugar. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. It is loaded with good stuff like zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium, anti-oxidants to name a few.

Honey: The product from everyone’s favorite insect. It has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties. But all honey is not equal. Some honey from overseas can be loaded with mercury and lead and most of its goodness had been filtered out or boiled away to hide its origins. One should only buy honey from a trusted source not the big box grocery store.

Sorghum: A grass that does not need pesticides or herbicides. It is loaded with iron and other vitamins. It is great for baking and cooking.

Ribbon Syrup. Traditional cane syrup has been consumed safely for thousands of years. In its natural form it can be healthy and loaded with vitamins.

From my family to yours, we hope to supply the healthiest all natural sugars and sweeteners for your health and ours.