Maple Pork Slices with and Apple Cilantro Salsa over Rice

Serves 4- to 6 people


For Pork and maple and bourbon sauce

2 lbs Pork Loin trimmed and cut in 8 to 12 slices

11/2 Cup All purpose flour

1 ½ teaspoons of salt

Black Pepper

1 ½ cup of olive oil

1 stick butter

1 ½ cup dark robust maple syrup

1/3 cup Bourbon

1 ¼ cup long rice

Apple Cilantro Salsa

4 cored red eating apples diced

2 Tablespoons Red Onion

1 Jalapeno Pepper minced

1 ½ Tablespoons Cilantro paste or to taste

I lime or Lemon juiced

2 clove Garlic Minced


Mix ingredients for the Apple Cilantro Salsa and place in Class bowl. Chill in refrigerator for 2 hours.

Begin cooking rice according to package instructions

Warm saute pan on low to medium heat with one cup olive oil.

Slice pork loin into 8 to 12 slices

Coat slices of pork loin with flower salt and pepper

Cook in heated olive oil until almost done and then remove.

Add the rest of the olive oil to the pan and heat.

Mix the bourbon into maple syrup and stir.

Slowly pour mixture of bourbon and syrup into saute pan being careful for flaming

Add butter and whisk until dissolved

Add pork back into pan and finish cooking . Add salt and pepper to pork.

Dish Rice out onto a platter

Neatly place pork slices on bed of rice.

Spoon or pour pan sauce over pork and rice.

Season top of pork with apple cilantro mixture.

A beautiful lunch or supper for your family.

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